Load to Truck APIs:

You can show

Load To Truck Ratio
And Load Pickup/ Drop Off Locations Reputation
to your software users by simply integrating with Load To Truck REST API.

How Load to Truck Ratio API works:

  • Every couple of hours we run the web scraper to collect thousands of newly posted loads and truck requirements from different online sources, such as loading boards.

  • We proceed collected data through a data processing pipeline to clean and structure it, then we save the result to the DB.

  • When a user submits a query to our API, we collect relative data from our DB than transferring it to an AI module for processing and return the result back to the user.

  • The result is a ratio that represents the relation between the number of loads available on the market and the number of trucks ready to carry those loads.

How Load to Truck Reputation API works:

Load To Truck Location Reputation determined based on the actual driver's feedback, who had an experience loading at a definite location or delivering to that location.

Future development:

Predictive analytics

Implementing multiple regression statistics methods to determine the relationship between independent transportation logistic variables to predict the logistic market fluctuation and provide valuable market inside for better decision planning.